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We work with Black men and women like you to realize  their self worth and create a more fulfilling life experiences.

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North Node Therapy empowers Black men and women to shift into their power and break free from unwanted feelings and life experiences that no longer serve them and who they want to be. Through effective therapeutic interventions we specialize in helping BIPOC adults deal with feelings of hopelessness, low confidence, overwhelm, lack of direction and more.

North Node Therapy

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Having a hard time with love and cultivating healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Want to pursue hopes and dreams but it all feels out of reach.

Feel like you did everything right in life. You have the house the car and the education but you somehow still feel empty like something is missing that you can't quite put your finger on.

Just having a hard time with managing overwhelming feelings... because, let's face it... the everyday pressures of life can weigh you down!

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For most of us, from the time we are little we are taught to be strong. Black boys are told not to cry. Black girls are taught to get over it. We are never taught how to properly deal with our feelings and emotions.... and holding it all in blocks us from healing and growing past our trauma.

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Confidence is the key to being able to go after what you want most. It also determines what you attract as well and what you except from others. Together we will explore ways to promote a healthy sense of self confidence and self worth.

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You know it's time to shake things up and do something different when your days, weeks and months all look the same and you stop having something to look forward to. Together we will dream of your next level and explore how to create your new reality.

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Investing in your mental health and overall well being can be the first step in achieving the kind of life you deserve. We provide racially competent therapy for men and women who want more out of life. 

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North Node Therapy is pleased to offer a 15-minute phone consultation to address any questions you may have about our services. During this call, we'll explore how we can support you on your mental health journey and match you with the therapist best suited to meet your needs.

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