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We provide individual and group therapy for BIPOC adults who reside in NY.  Our therapeutic interventions empower you with the tools needed to heal, grow and create meaningful lasting change in your life.

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rates begin at $150-$200
some insurances accepted

Have thought about getting a therapist but not sure if therapy is even right for them.

Understands that there is work to do to achieve their desired life and is ready to roll up their sleeves and dive right in.

Believes something better is available even if they aren't sure yet how to achieve it.

this is perfect for adults who:

We understand that spilling your guts to a total stranger is not an easy thing to do. So before we get started, we will begin with an initial consultation. In this session, one of our trained staff will reach out to you to go over your concerns and details such as whats troubling you, the use of insurance, payments and availability. It is at that time, we can determine if therapy and or coaching with North Node Therapy will be a good fit.

Beginning therapy can be daunting and Trying to find a therapist you feel comfortable being vulnerable with isn't easy. 

Initial Consultation

"This has been one of the best things I have done for myself.  Therapy has become a necessary part of my self care!"

-v. brown

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investment begins at $150
some insurances accepted

Need a safe space to process things that you are having a hard time managing.

Tired of looking for support in all the wrong places and or trying to do everything all on your own.

Love your friends and family but you realize that they can't give you the support you need to be better and flourish in life.

this is perfect for adults who:

Once you have been paired with one of our therapist, you will meet with them weekly or biweekly via our private and secure video conferencing platform. 

All sessions are 1-hour, where you and your therapist will focus on working through current obstacles, difficult emotions, past traumas. You will be introduced to tools and strategies to help you grow. 

we aim to provide quality and convenient mental health care for for black men and women via our hippa compliant video counseling platform. 

1.1 Therapy

"After just 2 months, I was able to make a few minor shifts that has had major impact on my day to day life and overall happiness!"

- R. Summers

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this is perfect for adults who:

investment for each group will vary

You could use a little inspiration and socialization with a cohort of like minded peers who are committed to being mentally well.

You are ready to break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors but your'e not sure how.

You have tried traditional counseling and you feel like you could use an extra boost to inspire you to create your next level life.

How would you like to set and accomplish your goals with a tribe of like minded peers who are looking to create their next level life? If this sounds intriguing, then we host a small cohort group coaching programs and workshops periodically. 

Although all are welcome, we notify our client list of upcoming groups they may be interested in via email. If you are not a client and is interested in group sessions, click the link below to learn more.

We offer specialized group therapy and coaching workshops that focus on helping participants reach a specified goal. 

Group Therapy

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Investing in your mental health and overall well being can be the first step in achieving the kind of life you deserve. We provide racially competent therapy for men and women who want more out of life. 

Let's chat to see how we can help you create the change you seek.